Show stationary inventory in Google

Many local stores can already be found on Google. But the products that these stores have available locally are often not visible online. When customers search for products on Google, the brick-and-mortar stores are therefore outside the search radar of these users.

Googel Shopping
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Today's customers search for products online, preferably on Google. Why should they only find products from online shops or marketplaces instead of the offers of the store around the corner? With we offer a simple solution to this problem, make the stationary products visible on Google and also offer the platform for reservation and collection in the store!


Ortwin Kartmann

You supply the product data.
We do the rest.

Show stores in the vicinity including stocks

Google Shopping Overview
Google Shopping Details

Make products orderable in the store

Visibility with a lot of effect

Seamless Customer Journey

Be present where your customers start their own product search. This now happens with over 50% of purchases beforehand on Google. 

Increase in store frequency

Bring more customers into your store with digital visibility in Google and the ability to reserve and pick up products directly in-store.

Chain stores go digital

Even retailers without their own online shop can use Google for the visibility of the stationary inventory. If necessary, our Storefront can help.

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